A better world with improved quality of life through accurate measurements and secure data.​


With innovative and cutting-edge SpectroChip technologies, we aim to develop and produce the next generation of chip-based spectrometer modules and devices to enable broader applications of spectrometry in various industries and consumer products for improved industrial production, environmental protection and quality of life. 



Our aim is to offer user-friendly optical sensor modules based on SpectroChip technology, which can advance industrial and scientific research through our innovative solutions.

Our modules are also ideal for OEM integration as they are customizable, impact-resistant, low power consumption and support multi-channel configurations.

Application / Solutions

The SpectroChip technology presents numerous new possibilities in various industries. Here are just a few examples.

R & D

Creating new applications using SpectroChip technology requires collaborative efforts between experts from diverse scientific fields and industries. We fully support and encourage creative ideas to maximize the potential of SpectroChip technology.

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