SpectroChip Arrays

in Development

Sensor arrays are a collection of multiple individual sensors or transducers that work together to detect and measure various physical phenomena or environmental parameters. Sensor arrays typically consist of different types of sensors, each designed to measure specific physical properties. These properties can include temperature, pressure, humidity, light, gas concentrations, and more. These arrays are used in a variety of applications across industries, including environmental monitoring, industrial automation, medical diagnostics, and more.  

Because SpectroChip technology has transformed a standard spectrometer into a system-on-chip, it opens the door to the development of SpectroChip sensor modules in the form of SpectroChip arrays. This will allow large scale collection of spectral performance data for various applications and, if desired, real-time in-situ data collection.   

In addition, SpectroChip arrays could be further integrated with current sensor arrays to add a new dimension of spectral data collection to existing sensor array applications such as pattern recognition, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, security surveillance, industrial automation, chemical analysis, etc.  

SpectroChip array technology will further facilitate the evolution of sensor arrays and provide more powerful means to collect and process data from the physical world.  This will enable better decision making, increased safety and improved efficiency in a wide range of applications.