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Chip-based Spectrometers

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Semiconductor Industry

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Energy Industry

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Revolutionary Technology

Packing the optical function of a spectrometer into a fingernail-sized chip fabricated with direct X-ray lithography

Who We Are

A combination of creativity and multidisciplinary expertise

The creation of SpectroChip is the result of combined knowledge of applied physics, photonics, and semiconductor technologies. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in a variety of fields. We are actively leveraging this innovative SpectroChip technology across multiple industries, capitalizing on our integrated knowledge to drive its applications forward.

Our Pipelines

Products & Applications

Spectrum Processing Units (SPU) are novel optical sensor modules utilizing the SpectroChip technology.  They are created to facilitate state-of-the-art applications in spectrometry and optimization of industrial processes.


It took almost 20 years of determined efforts to overcome theoretical challenges and manufacturing complexities for the creation of SpectroChip, which now stands as a prominent jewel in the optical MEMS field of the semiconductor industry.

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Our aim is to offer user-friendly optical sensor modules based on SpectroChip technology, which can advance industrial and scientific research through our innovative solutions.

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Application / Solutions

The SpectroChip technology presents numerous new possibilities in various industries. Here are just a few examples.

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R & D

Creating new applications using SpectroChip technology requires collaborative efforts between experts from diverse scientific fields and industries. We fully support and encourage creative ideas to maximize the potential of SpectroChip technology.

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