Compact Raman Spectrometer

in Development

The applications of Raman spectrometry are growing rapidly worldwide. This is primarily due to the maturation of the technology, advances in surface-enhanced Raman spectrometry (SERS), the availability of portable instruments, and more sophisticated spectral data analysis of complex samples. Raman technologies have revolutionized quality control in the pharmaceutical industry, improved the safety of first responders, and are poised to have a similar impact on healthcare, food, and many other fields. Raman’s ability to provide a rapid chemical fingerprint without contacting or consuming the sample makes it ideal for use in point-of-care and mobile settings.

Now, with the more compact SpectroChip technology, conventional Raman spectrometers would be further transformed with this technology and generate even broader applications. it allows for the collection of highly detailed spectral data from SpectroChips, enabling comprehensive monitoring of various industrial production processes in real-time.

We welcome R&D collaborators to jointly develop more powerful Raman products and create novel applications.